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Over the past few years, I have written a number of articles about beer for various publications. Here are a few of my favourites:


TAPS Magazine | February 2013

It’s no secret that the province of Québec has a thriving brewing scene. With the craft beer industry in full swing, many brewers are looking for ways to express their terroir and integrate local ingredients into their beers. In la belle province, brewers have a unique opportunity to express their terroir thanks to the presence of two micro-maltsters in the province: Malterie Frontenac Inc. and MaltBroue Inc. These small malt houses are sourcing and transforming local barley, allowing brewers to […]


Feeling the Need for Mead

Büze | February 2013

Mead is not a beverage that you hear about often. Most people have a vague notion that it exists. Some have read about it in seminal works like Dante’s Divine Comedy, Beowulf or Canterbury Tales. Others might have heard the story that the term honeymoon comes from the medieval tradition of giving newlyweds a month’s supply of mead to bring good luck to the union and promote fertility. Still, very few have had the opportunity to try mead and there […]


To Your Health

Büze | February 2013

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but studies show that beer may be just as effective… Various independent studies, published in the past ten years, have determined that having one or two drinks daily is not only healthier than abstaining, but it can also prolong life! According to the American Council on Science and Health: “Among middle-aged and elderly people, moderate drinkers have lower mortality rates than abstainers… due largely to the protective effect of […]


The Canadian Cream Ale Puzzle

TAPS Magazine | Spring 2011

The cream ale is a defined historical style of beer. A cursory research on its character will point to a golden-coloured, light-flavoured, malty and refreshing ale. Historical notes will explain that ale breweries in the U.S. developed cream ales sometime in the 19th century in order to compete with the increasing popularity of lagers. The cream ale style is still quite popular in North America. Perhaps the best-known Canadian example is Sleeman Cream Ale, whose recipe can actually be traced […]


Vessels of Inspiration

TAPS Magazine | Winter 2010

Beer glasses come in all shapes and sizes. There are tall, narrow glasses like the Pilsner glass and German Wheat Beer glass, then there are wide ones like the Shaker, Nonick or Tulip pint and there are also stemmed glasses which are mostly used for higher alcohol beers. These different shapes do serve a purpose and were designed to highlight the appearance, aroma and flavour of various beer styles. The slender shape of the Pilsner glass, for example, will highlight […]


Celebrating a 60 Year Old Friendship in New and Delicious Ways

TAPS Magazine | Winter 2010/11

On Monday, May tenth, a new collaborative brew called ‘Vrienden’ was unveiled as part of the House of Orange festival, in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. The House of Orange was organized by the Dutch Embassy to mark the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Holland and ran parallel to this year’s edition of the annual Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa.   Canada and Holland have shared a particular bond since World War two. The Dutch feel that Canada played […]


Beer Festival

Celebrator Beer News | April/May 2010

The Gods were smiling on the GCBF (Great Canadian Beer Festival) this year. On September 11th and 12th beer-lovers in Victoria, B.C. enjoyed two full days of gloriously sunny weather as they assembled in Royal Athletic Park to sample a range of delicious craft beers.   The festival started with a special presentation by CAMRA B.C. honouring Frank Appleton with a lifetime achievement award. Frank Appleton is one of the pioneers of the North American craft beer movement. In 1972, […]


The Québec City Beer Scene

TAPS Magazine | Winter 2009/10

It’s no secret that Québec City is a great place to visit. It is rich in history, being one of the oldest cities in North America, and its historic centre is the only remaining walled city in Canada and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city itself is beautiful; teeming with life and culture. It is packed with great restaurants and fashionable little art galleries and shops. It is also home to two contrasting but equally delightful […]


Who Really Came First…

TAPS Magazine | Fall 2009

In 1980, on the west coast, one man decided that it was about time Canadians had access to a wider variety of beers. Over the course of the next two years, assisted by a few men who shared his vision, this man lobbied to have laws amended, assembled a brewhouse from used dairy equipment and started brewing. His passion and drive opened the door for the current craft beer movement. His name is John Mitchell and in the spring of […]


Bytown Brew Scene

TAPS Magazine | Fall 2009

Quebec’s newest microbrewery opened its doors five minutes outside of Ottawa, in Gatineau, on May 20th this year. Les Brasseurs du Temps brewpub has been in the works for five years, and the owners are delighted to finally see the project come to fruition. They spent six months revamping the interior of a beautiful historic brewery on Montcalm Street. The new warm wood décor is inviting, and the brewpub layout includes a bar and restaurant that seat 200 people as […]