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Knowledge. Passion. Taste.

Beerology® specialises in providing curriculum structure and content for both online and live educational programs. Having collected over ten years of international industry experience and credentials, we passionately promote beer appreciation by offering a unique perspective and drinker-focused approach that ensure more people enjoy good beer. Simply.


Beerology® works with start-ups in the craft beer space. We consult on product development by providing sensory feedback and testing. We share insights and recommendations on market positioning and strategy. Beerology® also designs beer navigation map structures to ensure that designers of online beer selection tools maximize the customer experience and collect the data needed to better predict consumer needs.


Beerology® creates a wide range of educational programs that communicate beer essentials from beginner to advanced levels. We work with client and communication agencies to ensure the content is accurate, targeted and approachable.


Beerology® consults on sensory programs, providing both basic training and maintenance advice. This includes sensory program development for breweries as well as hop sensory work. Other services include sensory-based  food pairing recommendations and cocktail creation.


Spearheaded by Canada’s only Master Cicerone, Mirella Amato, author of the award-winning book Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer…Even More, Beerology’s mission is to help grow the industry by promoting a better understanding of beer and its many qualities.



People always ask me how I got into beer…

I’ve enjoyed beer since my first sip and it’s always come as a surprise to me that people don’t generally experience and appreciate beer in the same way as wine and other foods.

Since 2006, my mission has been to promote a better understanding of beer and its many qualities, as well as the philosophy that there is a beer for every food, every mood and every occasion.

My goal with Beerology is to help drive the industry forward with a focus on quality and approachability