Beer expert Mirella Amato drinking beer


“Mirella Amato’s passion and commitment to the craft beer industry is unparalleled.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the craft beer product.”  

– Arelene Stein, Program Director Evergreens Brick Works

 “Mirella knows what she’s talkin’ about.”

– John Graham, Church-Key Brewing

“Mirella is an engaging speaker with a superlative palate.  I enjoy that a woman takes such a prestigious role as an expert within an industry dominated by men.” 

– Arelene Stein, Program Director Evergreens Brick Works

“Mirella is so engaging and she shares an unsurpassed passion for the Craft Brewing industry here in Ontario and beyond!”

– Lisa Dunbar, Ontario Craft Brewers

“A staunch defender of craft beer and those who produce it, Mirella Amato is unique as a journalist and columnist.” 

– Ian Starke, McAuslan Brewing

“During her guided beer tastings and food pairings, you are mesmerized with Mirella’s knowledge and skill and cannot wait to experience all that craft beer can offer.”

– Val Stimpson, President & CEO Neustadt Springs Brewery

“Mirella is a tireless advocate and promoter of local breweries. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and she is driven to make a difference.” 

– Brian Morin, Chef & Partner, Beer Bistro

“Mirella makes it fun and easy for anyone to learn more about beer, beer culture and the history of brewing.”

– Alexa Clark, Editor & Publisher CheapEats Restaurant Guides

“Mirella is full of energy, organized and knows what she is talking about.  With those ingredients, she’s a recipe for success.”

– Michael Hancock, Brewer & Owner Denison's Brewing Company

“Mirella is a valuable ally in spreading the word on quality craft beer.” 

– John Graham, Church-Key Brewing

“Mirella is smart, informed and excited about beer and brings that passion to every speaking engagement and tasting that I’ve attended.”

– Alexa Clark, Editor & Publisher- CheapEats Restaurant Guides

“Mirella is an impassioned writer and beer activist who benefits us all in the brewing industry with her profound knowledge and appreciation of beer and beer culture.”

– Ian Starke, McAuslan Brewing

About Mirella

Master Cicerone

Master Cicerone


Master CiceroneTM

  Cicerone Certification Program

National Level BJCP Judge


Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing:

  UC Davis Extension

Doemens Beer Sommelier

  Siebel Institute of Technology

Advanced Brewing Certificate

  Maska Laboratories

Advanced Draft Training Course:

  Micro Matic Dispense Institute

Level 2 Award in Beer and Cellar Quality


Serve Better Beer Certified:

Smart Serve Certified


2012 - Ontario Craft Brewers Centre of Excellence Industry Choice Award in Food & Beer Matching Development


2014 - Gourmand Drinks Awards Winner: Best Beer Book - Canada, English for Beerology: Everything you Need to Know to Enjoy Beer...Even More


2014 - Toronto Beer Week Drinker's Choice Award: Best Event for Hopera

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Beer specialist, Mirella Amato, has dedicated herself to supporting the growth of craft beer by promoting a better understanding of beer and its many qualities since 2007. The focus of her work is craft beer education and consulting on sensory programs.

Mirella provides curriculum structure and content for both online and live educational programs. She has designed a number of programs focusing on both craft beer essentials and sensory-specific content for breweries in Canada, the US and Europe. She also created the curriculum for the sensory evaluation courses at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute Brewmaster Program, where she taught for their inaugural year.

Mirella’s consulting work also includes the creation of navigational tools, insights and recommendations for start-ups that are working in the craft beer space.

Mirella is always striving to further her beer knowledge and sensory evaluation repertoire. She was the first Canadian (and fifth person ever) to earn the title of Master CiceroneTM. Mirella is a Doemens Bier Sommelier, she has completed advanced brewing certificates at both Maska Laboratories, Québec and UC Davis, California and passed the WSET Intermediate Certificate in Wine & Spirits with honours.

Mirella is one of only ten National Level BJCP judges in the country and has sat on the jury for homebrew competitions internationally, as well as for the following noted commercial competitions:

Belgium:  Brussels Beer Challenge

Canada:  Canadian Brewing Awards

Germany:  European Beer Star

U.S.  Great American Beer Festival

        World Beer Cup

Mirella has a regular beer column on Radio Canada radio and is regularly featured on television. She contributed a number of entries to the Oxford Companion to Beer and she is the author of the award-winning book Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer…Even More also available in German and French.

Mirella is involved in many projects that focus on promoting local beer, and the art of beer appreciation. She was a board member for the Canadian Amateur Brewers’ Association from 2007 to 2010. Mirella is a founding member of Cask! She also founded the Toronto Chapters of Barley’s Angels and The Pink Boots Society.