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Mirella Amato peeking into a mash tun

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Although I enjoy working with all kinds of beers, including imports, domestic brands and sometimes even homebrews, given the choice I generally prefer to focus my attention on local craft beer.

The term craft beer encompasses nanobreweries, brewpubs, microbreweries as well as some larger breweries. In Canada, there currently are no legal guidelines to determine which breweries qualify as craft breweries. While waiting for Canadian guidelines to be decided upon, it is helpful to consult the American guidelines for craft beer.

My passion for craft beer stems from my lifelong enthusiasm for shopping locally and supporting small businesses.  I like to use craft beers in my guided tasting sessions as much as possible.  This is fairly easy to accomplish since there are now many craft breweries in Canada. Together, these breweries offer a large selection of brands, brewed in a variety of traditional, and non-traditional styles. It’s a great time for beer in Canada!