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My first book, Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer…Even More, published by Appetite by Random House, is out in stores!

Awards & Recognition:

Winner: Best Beer Book

Canada – English
Gourmand Drinks Awards, 2014

2nd place:

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015


Taste Canada – The Food Writing Awards, 2015

For those who were waiting for it to hit the shelves to go out and support their local indie book store, here is a helpful link:

Beer Book IB

The book is also available online both in hard copy and as an e-book. ENJOY!

Beerology Beer Book


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Here’s what people are saying:

Beerology Coaster“Mirella Amato is not just a beer educator.  She is a beer evangelist.  Taking a unique approach, she demystifies the appreciation of the entire diverse craft beer spectrum.  Learning about something as joyful and alluring as great beer should be as fun as it is educational and Mirella makes it so.”

—Sam Calagione, President and Founder, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

“I am a beer zealot. Probably no secret. What may not be widely understood however is the sheer inner joy and peace that one can achieve from this particular type of zealotry. Should you chose to barrel down this path of freedom yourself, or even just wander along it for a spell, this book is a tremendous tool. No longer do we have to be bound by the industrial brewers’ chains of oppression. No longer do we have to accept the mediocre! Free yourselves my brothers & sisters with this righteous book of knowledge!”

—Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone Brewing Co.

Beerology will transform a beer novice into an enlightened beer enthusiast. Better still, it will teach many enthusiasts how to have even more fun with their beer. It’s a fine addition to any library. ”

—Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery and

Editor-in-chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer

“The book is easy to read, informative while being fun….This can really help you identify what you enjoy or dislike about particular styles so that you can seek out beers that you are more likely to enjoy….It is also great for someone who is trying to help a less experienced beer drinker explore the world of beer.”
“One of the best things about “Beerology” is the way that Amato presents beer styles. Beers are grouped by character — refreshing, mellow, striking, captivating, and brews beyond — giving novice drinkers an easy entree to comprehending the dizzying array of styles being brewed… It’s informative without being overwhelming.”
“It’s an easy yet captivating read that never feels pretentious or long winded. Amato’s goal seems apparent to me: she wants to get people interested and involved in beer by making it fun, educational, engaging, and just plain interesting.”
– Beerism
“She covers such topics as the basics of the brewing process, beer styles, tasting and food pairings with a direct and elucidative style….her chapters on hosting tasting parties and food pairings will make you excited to delve deeper into the world of craft beer.”

About the book:

If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure of a pint, Beerology is the ultimate guide to exploring, understanding and enjoying the world of beer.

Photo by Elvis Deane

Photo by Elvis Deane

THERE IS a beer for every mood, food and occasion. And, with the growing number of beer festivals popping up worldwide, beer is finally getting the attention and appreciation it deserves. For the average beer lover, the overwhelming choices, brewing styles and traditions can be confusing to say the least. Enter beer specialist Mirella Amato – one of very few Master Cicerones ® (master beer sommeliers) in the world. With an advanced brewing certificate behind her, readers will be in expert hands as they navigate the multifaceted world of beer, guided by Amato’s refreshingly accessible style.

Broken down into fun, easy-to-read chapters, Beerology starts with an introduction to beer and tips on storage and cellaring, then leads into a guide on tasting. Amato presents beer styles in four groups—Refreshing, Mellow, Striking, and Captivating—covering everything from the history and origins of specific brews, to brands that exemplify each type. She then gives tips on hosting beer-tasting parties at home, complete with beer games, and includes a chapter dedicated to beer cocktails (who’s in for a delicious cucumber Pils?). Her original take on pairing beer with food—including chocolate and cheese—is perfect for anyone with an inquisitive mind and an epicurean streak.

Author Photo by Nikki Ormerod