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Since 2010, I have been preparing and hosting the Ontario Brewer Podcast series for the Ontario Craft Brewers Association. These podcast feature interviews with Ontario brewers on a range of different topics.

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Ontario Brewer is dedicating a whole season to food pairings

Posted October 11, 2011 | 2:57 pm, by Mirella

The first podcast of the new 2011-2012 season of Ontario Brewer was posted today. This year, we’re going to be focusing on pairing beer with food. We’ve enlisted four food specialists to help create fantastic food pairings for various Ontario Craft Brewers brands. Nickel Brook Beer & Cheese This first podcast features the brands of Nickel Brook, and the second part of the podcast (which will be released in two weeks) will feature cheese pairings suggested by Michael Simpson from Leslieville […]


Let it Flow

Posted September 12, 2011 | 11:56 pm, by nadine

As the snow begins to melt after a long winter and the days become warmer, sap begins to flow from the Canadian sugar maple. It is sugar-season in Canada! Sap isn’t the only maple product flowing in Ontario this spring. For a few years now, three Ontario Craft Brewers have been releasing maple beers to celebrate the thaw…    A quirky little adjunct Canada produces 83% of the world’s maple syrup. This quintessentially Canadian ingredient is used to flavour a […]


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