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Learn how to pair beer with food!

November 8, 2021


I’ve just launched my first online course: Mastering Beer & Food Pairing, brought to you by
Beerology®. This online course is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that will show you how to master pairing beer with food. 

It comprises five sections, each of which is divided into short bite-size video lessons. Each section builds on the content of the previous one, increasing your understanding of food pairing theory and improving your ability to confidently pair beer with food.

The goal is to fill your beer and food pairing toolbox with all the information you need to consistently put together great pairings, so that this skill becomes second-nature. Lessons come with worksheets, activities, quizzes, homework and assignments that will help strengthen and confirm your understanding, along the way.

Having completed Mastering Beer & Food Pairing, brought to you by Beerology®, you will be able to find the perfect beer to compliment any food so you can create exceptional dining experiences.

PLEASE NOTE: This course starts at an intermediate level. You should already be familiar with styles and comfortable tasting and describing beers before you register.