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Mirella Amato guiding a beer tasting

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I set up BeerologyTM in order to offer guided beer tasting sessions and workshops in the Toronto area and beyond. With the fabulous selection of beers that we now have available to us in Canada, many people are looking for tips on how to select a beer, or how to figure out which kind of beer they like. Pairing beer with food is becoming increasingly popular, and beer cocktails are the next frontier…

My goal with BeerologyTM is not to make beer recommendations based on my taste, but rather to share the tools necessary for each participant to zero in on their own personal favourites. I aim to get people excited about beer and point them in the right direction so that they can confidently continue exploring on their own. I also like to provide the context for each beer, including historical tidbits as well as anecdotes on brands, breweries and styles.

BeerologyTM workshops are a fun, relaxed, hands-on approach to learning. Although the world of beer is vast, basic knowledge will help open you to a whole new world of flavours and possibilities. It’s great to gain insight into a beverage that is such a significant part of our culture and heritage.

I conduct workshops across Canada and internationally. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for beer with so many people and to continue to study and explore the many intriguing facets of beer.

Other Services

BeerologyTM has evolved over the years, and I now provide consulting services for breweries and pubs. I also do staff training and offer more extended workshops on beer & brewing, food pairing and service.

People always ask me how I got into beer…

I’ve enjoyed beer since my first sip and it’s always come as a surprise to me that people don’t generally experience and appreciate beer in the same way as wine and other foods. Since 2006, I have dedicated myself to raising awareness about beer’s complexities and flavours and to promoting the art of beer appreciation.